Raise Your Voice for Palmetto Seniors
United, our voices can create a powerful impact, ensuring a brighter future for our seniors. Let’s rally together to advocate for the protection and enhancement of crucial programs that support the older members of our community.

Securing a Nourished Future
The Meals on Wheels Palmetto program is a lifeline for countless seniors, delivering a countless number of meals annually. However, as budget discussions unfold, federal funding crucial to sustaining this vital service is under threat. These programs not only provide essential nutrition but also offer valuable socialization opportunities.

Why Your Support Matters
The Older Americans Act (OAA) is the cornerstone of federal funding for senior nutrition programs, including Meals on Wheels Palmetto. With your support, we can ensure that OAA and related funding are not only maintained but increased, guaranteeing that no senior in Palmetto is left behind.

Act Now for a Better Tomorrow
Your action today will echo through the years, securing the future of Meals on Wheels Palmetto for generations to come. Stand up for our senior neighbors and make sure their needs are prioritized in legislative decisions

Latest Advocacy Updates
Stay informed about the latest developments and advocacy efforts for Meals on Wheels Palmetto.