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The Meals on Wheels Palmetto, under the Vision Educational Center, focuses on “achieving community enhancement” through programs that provides food and other essential resources to individuals in need. We have three areas of focuses: Neighborhood Child Hunger, Neighborhood Senior Hunger, and Neighbor Community Hunger.

Within each division our organization provides:

  • Nutritional meals and food donations
  • Community Involvement activities
  • Community Involvement activities

We at the Meals on Wheels Palmetto would like to inform you about our Church/Non-Profit Organizations Donation Food Program. Whenever, we have an overflow of meat and produce, we would like to extend an invitation to churches to come pick up a box. There will be only one pick-up given to each church. If you cannot come on your scheduled day, please let us know immediately to reschedule.

To apply, we need the Senior Pastor/Non-Profit Organization Director to complete the form below and return to our kitchen manager. We would like for the Pastor/Director to appoint a designated individual to be responsible for picking up donations from VEC.

The purpose of the box is to provide food to church families and/or individuals who are in need of food. We would like for you to give the food to the elderly, low income families and/or those who may have fallen upon hardship. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (843) 627-3212.

We are appreciative of your participation with receiving monthly food donations through of Meals on Wheels Palmetto Church/Non-Profit Organizations Donation Food Program.

Our Members: